Your one job when you go in to audition?

Tell the story.

With more than thirty years experience on both sides of the casting table I can help you focus your attention and your tools on that one job.

Forget about impressing them.

Forget about guessing what they want.

Forget about booking... until you book. (Then you can think about how great that is.) 

But, for now?

We're going to get you to tell a really great story. 

And you're going to tell it like no one else can.


My specialities? Sure...

  • acting the song
  • verse and heightened language
  • accents and dialects
  • crafting the physical life of a scene
  • coaching and producing audition videos
  • ...and so much more...

Location, location, location...

I work both in my home in Washington Heights and in client-rented spaces on the Upper West Side and in Midtown. 

Studio spaces I recommend:

Some of what my clients are saying:

Mandie Black.jpg

Mandie Black

Working with Christopher was an extremely fulfilling process for me, and undoubtedly helped me book my first national tour.

We focused in great detail on the acting components of my song repertoire, and it helped me to understand how much more I had to give in an audition. Christopher is wonderfully articulate, and through discussion I was able to make key decisions for my character in each song. What this allowed me to do was fully commit in the audition room. Furthermore, his experience on both sides of the table really serves insight. As an actor, I could ask, "what do you do to physically ground yourself in a moment like this?" He could get up and show me. As a director I could ask, "Does this communicate what you would need if casting this role?" He was able to see through the creative team's eyes. 

Christopher has also helped me with the American accent, as my own British accent sometimes sits in California—which isn't always appropriate! Through audition sides, Christopher was able to approach it from both the technical and character driven side of things.

I am now on tour with "Something Rotten," and can't wait to get back in the room with him to continue our learning process! 


Paul DeBoy.jpg

Paul DeBoy

"Christopher Gurr is Amazing.

I booked the first job we put down on "tape". I looked great, sounded fantastic and his editing skills made my audition video something I was very proud to submit. Whether it's a musical, straight play or on-camera I can't recommend Christopher highly enough."

Jacqueline Petroccia.jpg

Jacqueline Petroccia

"Gurr and I coached on British/RP dialect for a huge audition for a major casting agency. He was patient, kind, broke everything down and even made me a recording that I could use to work on my own. The session was low stress and best of all-affordable! When I went in the room I was confident because I was well prepared and nailed the audition.

I can't recommend him highly enough—for any of your audition prep needs—he does it all!"

Adam Lendermon.png

Adam Lendermon

"Christopher has coached me on comedy, drama, Shakespeare, monologues, scenes, and sides. No matter what the material, I always leave with a clearer path through the maze of text, subtext, objectives, and beats. He has a knack for blasting through the excess and focusing on what is imperative to telling the story.

Our sessions instill in me a confidence that I am prepared with my best work."

Sarah Young

"If you're looking for someone to help you navigate the twists and turns of Shakespearean and other classical texts, look no further.

I've worked with Christopher on a wide range of pieces, from contemporary to Shakespeare and Restoration texts, and I can't recommend him enough. He pushes for the truth of human emotions and delights in the complexity of characters, while still, somehow, paying attention to the meter and grammar. Fancy words and 'intimidating' roles/pieces are humanized, as he helps his students craft real people, with real stories to tell.

Christopher is a smart actor's dream coach: brilliant, challenging, and able to provide constructive feedback that feels like it comes from a friend. I very much look forward to our weekly coaching sessions."

Matt Gibson.jpg

Matt Gibson

"I highly recommend coaching with Christopher Gurr!

He really impressed me with his attention to detail, mastery of comedy, and bullshit detector for moments when I was making a half-choice or using ambiguous tactics in the scene.  He supported and piggybacked on my ideas instead of forcing his own take of the character onto me.  We worked on some tricky, perhaps poorly-written sides but I left feeling excited and confident about what I wanted to bring to the audition."

Maria Bufalini.jpg

Maria Bufalini

"Christopher's expertise and insight on truthful acting is what made me love working with him.

We recently worked on a stack of call back sides that came in short notice to both of us and I left a 45 minute session with a much deeper understanding of the character's motives and point of view from scene to scene. He even guided me on how to present myself in the actual audition room, for example suggesting where to look while reading a scene that involves and addresses many people when there is only one reader.

He creates a safe space that makes vulnerable work easier to tap into and he is incredibly invested in every minute of the work." 

Colin Miyamoto

"In coaching sides for callbacks, Christopher is able to find simple, specific ways to effectively tell the story of each scene with clarity.

He is brilliant with physical comedy and can help you master a "bit" step-by-step so you nail it every time.

Ultimately, after coaching with Christopher, I was able to walk into my auditions feeling prepared, confident and (most importantly) calm."

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