Image : First Night of Hannuka Backstage at Memphis

"You won't succeed on Broadway if you don't have any Jews!"

I'm still living off the show that offered up that lyrical piece of theatrical wisdom. (Thanks, Eric! Toronto says hello.) On my current gig we've only one lonely member of the tribe. But he's a beaut. Alex is our automation carpenter and a damn fine breakfast companion. Our little skit would certainly not succeed without him. Last night he created this spike tape menorah next to the automation station. Best use of spike tape in a waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy over-spiked show. (The deck looks like O'Hare at midnight. Don't get me started. I mean, come on, people. If you can't find your mark... or your light... with all those huge numbers along the front AND back of the stage. I mean, for the love of Broadway Jesus! Oh... Happy birthday, BTW.)

It's the people who ultimately make or break the gig. Hurray and happy holidays to the people in the yes column. You know who you are.

Christopher GurrComment