What I Wish I Could Do:

Every time I watch these guys work on their number I am, to quote Nathan Lane in The Addams Family, "Happy/Sad." Deeply. Both.

I try not to be a regretful person, but there are some things that I really do regret and not managing my fears regarding dance over the years is a huge regret. At the time where I could have at least gathered a workman-like vocabulary of tap, jazz... maybe even ballet, in college (when, in fact, huge sums of money were being spent on my being given the chance to learn) I was petrified, stubborn, and stupid. I used the excuse that I had not begun earlier in my life, as most dancers do, to not start when I could have.

"Ah, youth, youth. What a muddled mess of things you make." 

(that's not Mr. Lane or Addams Family - I think it's Coward, or my mis-remembering of his words)