Gallery : Men’s Suits by Charles LeDray

I saw this installation six weeks ago at The Whitney. Utterly charming piece. So many things that appeal to me: theatrical setting, clothes, play with scale and light...

Interesting how the impact of the piece is informed by the process by which the artist achieved the work. The tiny plastic coat hangers? He didn't buy them at a doll shop. He made them, and he made the molds from which he cast the hangers. That's just abstract knowledge, but it does affect how I respond to the piece.

Men's Suits was a part of the exhibit workworkworkworkwork. The title for the exhibition supports my feeling that the objects I saw are actually only artifacts of the art or the moment of art which was the making of the objects not the objects themselves, if that makes any sense. Of course, as a theatre artist I'm prone to think that the real art can only happen with the artist in the room, all the rest is merely a record of that moment.

For more about the exhibit, here's a video from Boston from when it was being hosted at the ICA.