Photography : Daniel Milnor

Shoot Into The Light

I miss the desert.

This brief piece, a promotion for the book publishing site Blurb, reminds me of how great it is to be in a landscape utterly foreign to that in which I grew up. I came to appreciate the desert and this part of the western United States fairly late in my life. Not until I was 40. I think that has to do with... I don't know. Maturing into a larger sense of self and a smaller sense of self at the same time? Blah, blah, blah...

I like what Milnor almost says about his moving back from shooting digital to shooting with film. The metaphor is apt if not entirely developed. (It's a very short video) I need to go find out more about him.

PS - love his composition

PPS - Milnor — the man himself, not his work — is easy on the eyes in exactly the way playwright James Still is, for those of you who know James. Wicked smart wrapped in dreamy...