Spit Take : Vanity And The Web

So... as part of my website on Squarespace (a service which I highly recommend) I can, and often do, look at the stats on the traffic here. (Because I'm vain and I worry a lot about whether I exist or not.)

The stats cover things like how many hits have I gotten in x number of days, how many page views, comments, and—the subject of yesterday's mirth—search terms. That is, what search terms were typed into Google, or whatever search engine, that resulted in folks making their way to my site. Here's a small screen grab of yesterday's list:

You can probably tell where I nearly shot bad hotel room coffee out of my nose.

I would give a week's salary to know who typed in that phrase and why?!? 

(please note that I'm currently out on an ensemble SETA contract, so the gesture of sacrificing a week's salary? Myeh.)

I'm still laughing at this. What were they looking for? Was it someone from that cast who was going... "What was that guy's name... Gurr? Chris Gurr? I wonder what he's up to."

That can't be the case, as I have several dear friends in that cast who would glady give up my details, should there be inquiry.

I'm stumped, but it amuses me no end. And here are the two parts of that perpetual mirth/motion machine: 1) someone somewhere typed in that search, 2) I think it's important to check my stats on my website

Both things, pretty absurd. The two together? Hilarious.

[for those joining my life late in the game, here's a little historical catch-up on facebook]

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