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City no. 37 on our Memphis tour. We didn't Sacramento play on the Spamalot tour, which is odd since we played everywhere else... But this was still a return engagement for me.

I spent a lot of time in my twenties working here at The Sacramento Theatre Company back when Mark Cuddy and my best friend, Tim Ocel, were running the joint. Mark was good enough to use me a lot during my pre-Equity days and, as a parting shot, he gave me my Equity union card for the last show I did there, A Capella. That was a looooooooong time ago. Lot's of great memories.

This trip M.R. and I stayed at the home of my old friend, Gregg Coffin, and his miracle of a partner, Joe Zaniker. It was great to live "off campus" for a week. And there were wonderful kitties and a hot tub. So, no complaints.

Click here for my visual diary of the week back in Sac.

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