Late To The Party • Portlandia & Dana Millican

Once again, pop culture runs way ahead of me and I pant to catch up. When I feel like it. Or when something gets talked about on NPR. And, really, how "pop" can that culture be? But, "pop" is a sliding scale and I just spent an hour in the bathtub listening to pre-50's Fred Astaire recordings. 

I digress.

One of my favorite podcasts is KCRW's The Business hosted by one of my NPR fantasy girl friends, Kim Masters*. I just heard the January 23rd episode featuring her interview with Portlandia creators and stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. And I thought, "I should really check that out."

During this morning's coffee and facebook time, I see an episode posted on someone's wall and give it a click. Here it is now:

Clearly, Armisen and Brownstein are verygood, but I think it's Dana Millican as the wedding planner that is KILLING IT! After you watch her here, check her out in another episode, "Is It Local?" I know the nature of Armisen and Brownstein's multi-character coverage on the show requires a slightly (and I'm being really micro-picky here) larger playing style, but it leaves the reaction characters, such as the ones Millican portrays, to run at a subtlety level that is exquisite. It may be a function of my own life as a side-man actor that makes me look at the edges of a scene first, but - so be it. I still say Millican is a find. And, bless her heart, she's fighting the good fight over at Portland Shakespeare Project. I think I have a new artistic crush.

*Speaking of crushes, one of my other NPR fantasy girl friends is Evan Kleiman, host of KCRW's Good Food. I like to think of Kim, Evan, and Elvis Mitchell, host of KCRW's The Treatment, and me all going out on a kind of double date, but I'm really dating all of them. That's just how I roll... And, yes, I do give to KCRW.

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