Sounds • Love And Other Tragedies

The body of music we find ourselves listening to repeatedly...

Is it a predictor of our future emotional lives? A compass for navigating our inner terrain? A decoder ring for our hearts' secret messages? Am I reading a map here, or drawing one?

Or... is it just the Volkswagen Beetle phenomenon? You know, you're riding in a VW Beetle and all you see on the road are VW Beetles.

I go back to the songs I've been drawn to over the past year and I am a little freaked out about just how resonant they are to my current life. Was I influenced by the music to make choices that put me in emotional situations similar to the ones explored in the songs I listen to? If so, I gotta start listening to more bubble gum pop. This singer/songwriter angst is killing me.

Art imitates life? Life imitates art? Yes. That makes for a wicked imitation-reality-imitation-reality loop.

I'm trying to roll with it.

Last night's recordings are further examples what I'm talking about.

If you want a larger view of the mall map of my heart, check out this set on SoundCloud: