Sounds • Hotel Lullaby

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

words by Gus Kahn, music by Wilbur Schwandt & Fabian Andree.


Falls Church, VA

Been meaning to take a pass at this one for a while, then 

Julie Johnson

 said at dinner the other night that she wants to get together to do a version with me and 

Jill Morrison

, etc... So I thought I better go over the chord changes. Need to work it up in C, though, for Miss Julie's fabulous voice.

I've loved this song since I heard the Mama Cass version as a child. It's also on Eddie Vedder's uke album and in his song book, which I've been noodling through. 

Cass sang it in C, Eddie does it in G, I played this on my new bari uke from his chart, but with the uke tuned up a half step (I'm not crazy about the strings this uke came with, not quite enough tension...) so this is in Eb. 

Crazy, right? 

me on vocal 

me on baritone Koloa 

one track, one take

MacBook Air 

Samson C01U USB mic