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There's a new (to me) podcast in my Downcast queue. If you tell stories for a living, you should be listening to it, too.

I stumbled onto this podcast while listening to another podcast, KCRW's The Business. One of the hosts of Scriptnotes is John August. John August wrote the movie and is the book writer for the musical version of Big Fish previewing on the Broadway right now. He was on KCRW with his partner, producer Dan Jinks, talking about moving the film to the stage. Great interview. Smart, funny, real. Just great stuff.

I enjoyed listening to them so much, I was hungry for more. Here's the more.:

Check out the Scriptnotes podcast here.  

Check out Big Fish here. 

Check out the KCRW's The Business interview here

Check out John August's website here and follow him on twitter here.

And if you want a great iPhone third-party app for podcast, here's Downcast.


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