Video • That Big On-Camera Break

This little NSFW (at least with the audio on) gem started making the rounds a couple of days ago. The creator is not getting credit on many of the sites it's posting on, so I just wanted to say:

Hey, Alberto Belli! Nice job, buddy.

 (be sure to check out Belli's website from the link below the video)

Published on Sep 10, 2013

Various actors book their first major role in L.A.

Produced & Directed by: Alberto Belli ||
Written by: Zach Lewis & Jim Mahoney
Cinematography by: Justin Morrison
Production sound: Jorge Ramirez-Martinez
Original Music by: Kenny Wood
Special Thanks: Bryan Brucks Emily Jermusyk 

--CAST (in order of appearance) --

Stephanie Jackson
Jessa Zarubica
Alison Haislip
Peter Porte
Shauna Bloom
Amy Aitken
Jim Mahoney
Rob Salerno
Mary Jo Anderson
Linn Bjornland
Zach Lewis
Kyle Devero
Mark Neal
Hugo Martin (Voice Over)

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