Support • Lee Wilkof on Kickstarter

As a character man, I like to support other character men. I don't know this character man personally, but he has gathered quite a respectable crew around him for this project:

Laurie Metcalf
Ted Levine
Jessica Hecht
Nathan Lane

along with

Boyd Gaines, J. Smith Cameron, Austin Pendleton, Mark Blum, Jeremy Shamos, Jeanine Serrales, Zoe Perry, Joel Higgins, Reg Rogers, Peter Jacobson, Alex Draper, John Bedford Lloyd, Cory Michael Smith, Benjamin Sinclair, Danny Binstock, Ellen Foley and Brent Spiner, the comedian Lewis Black, and the incredible Loudon Wainwright III, who is creating the original music.

Here's the pitch. I leave it up to you.

To see the Kickstarter site, click here

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