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I like what these guys and gals are up to. This sale is a great chance to get to know their site and service. I don't get a cut, just the pleasure of hooking theatre folk up to other theatre folk.

8 Days. 8 Writers. 10% off.

September is already halfway over, and we know what that means for all you MTs: you're probably watching all of the youtube videos, traipsing through the wilds of the internet, and getting your hands on as much sheet music as possible in order to pick out what songs you're going to work on for the rest of the fall. To help you work through those painstaking choices, NMT has a special gift for you, and it comes in the form of a hashtag.

Through September 22 only, enter the code #NMTWRITER at checkout to get 10% off music by 
every #NMTWriter on the list below: 
Adam Gwon 
Drew Gasparini 
Joe Iconis 
Jonathan Reid Gealt 
Pasek & Paul 
Ryan Scott Oliver 
Salzman & Cunningham

8 days of discounts for 8 writers. It's basically Hanukkah in September. But remember, the code #NMTWRITER expires on September 22.

Plus: New Songbooks!

If can't decide on just one song, get an even better deal with a collection of songs by your favorite #NMTWriter. Check out the newest offerings:

Adam Gwon's 3 new songbooks - one for girls, one for guys, and one for duets - each feature a songbook-exclusive song that you can't get anywhere else on the site.

Fan of Drew Gasparini's new album, I Could Use A Drink? Get the complete sheet music here.

The new Mr. Joe Iconis Songbook contains Joe's complete NMT catalogue. Broadway, here you come.

If you're a BelterSopranoBaritone, or Tenor, there are new Kerrigan-Lowdermilksongbooks tailor-made for your voice.

Salzman & Cunningham are celebrating 10 years of collaborating together with two new songbooks - one for girls and one for guys - from I Love You Because, each available for only $10 this month.