Visionaries, Architects, and Engineers

We need all three on the Actors' Equity Association Council. 

Last year's election brought some really great new blood into the council room. As I make my voting decisions this year I'm looking for candidates who have proven records of shepherding change within the complicated constructs of Equity. I am looking for candidates who will partner with the new blood, speak for membership, and move our union forward.

In the Eastern Principal category I am voting for and fully support the following candidates:

Wally Dunn
Bryan Myers Cooper
Jeff Applegate
Francis Jue
Jimmy Ludwig

They possess, as individuals and as a group, imagination, passion, and pragmatic discipline. They have, through their prior service of our membership, accumulated intellectual as well as emotional wisdom regarding our very complex union that is beyond value. 

I have personal experience with all five of these candidates, serving on or observing committees on which they serve, watching them carry out the work of council in both regional and national sessions, and in seeking their help and advice on my behalf or on the behalf of fellow members. I believe in them. 

Please read their statements, review their candidate speeches, check out their web presence, or… just take my word for it and vote for them. 

But, whatever you do, VOTE! Here are some handy links for you: 

Wally Dunn - 
Bryan Myers Cooper - 
Jeff Applegate - 
Francis Jue - 
Jimmy Ludwig - 

Voting Information - (requires AEA Member Portal login)