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The Prospectives

Series Four illustrations by Paul Tuller

Series Four illustrations by Paul Tuller

What is it? I'll let the artist speak for himself.

From Adam Hurly, the creator of The Prospectives :

illustration by Paul Tuller
The Prospectives is in its fourth season, but its first as a podcast. It was originally published as an illustrated serial on Instagram for three seasons. Each season is standalone, so you can jump right into the podcast without having missed anything. In this fourth season, our narrator Luke trades an aimless existence in New York for a secret double life in Berlin, where he is quickly pulled into the queer, expat, and nightlife communities. The people he meets, the music he hears, and the mischief he pursues all play a role in his antiheroic odyssey. He recounts the story for you here, producing and curating lots of great music along the way. The Prospectives is a fictional podcast written and performed by Adam Hurly (@adamhurly), and all original music is produced by Joy Joseph (@joyjosephmusic). The series is edited by Jason Oberholtzer of Charts and Leisure. (  Follow us on Instagram @TheProspectives for each episode's artwork, drawn by Paul Tuller (@paul.tuller and @vectorescapade), and to leave feedback or chat with other listeners. You can also download PDFs of the first three series at Each season features a different illustrator and follows a unique LGBTQ narrative.

I found Adam on Instagram in the summer of 2014. I am the better for it. While you do not need to have read or looked at the first three seasons to enjoy this current volume (each season is a standalone story) if you have some time do dive into the back-catalog. You won't be sorry.

Season Four

Adam's skill as a storyteller in the first iterations of The Prospectives was undeniable. He's a master of the written narrative. And, as evidenced by the artwork that made those early seasons so very, very Instagramable, he's an inspiration and (I suspect) a dream collaborator for illustrators. 

This season Adam has swept me up again with his writing, and the resultant fantastic artwork, but NOW his voice—his actual voice—is in the mix, and his collaborative circle includes a brilliant composer/DJ and a first-rate audio editor. 

I am jealous of them all.

Series Four illustrations by Paul Tuller

Series Four illustrations by Paul Tuller

I'd been putting off writing a review, but when yesterday I was walking up MacDougal Street from Washington Square Park listening to episode 10, and—with one line of dialogue—Adam pulled an audible sob out of me, I thought, "You should really tell people about this."

So I am.

Listen. Subscribe. Sob. Share. 

Happy Valentine's Day.

You're welcome.

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