Gurr Endorsement : Jennifer Swiderski

Jennifer Swiderski for Eastern Regional Chorus Council

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To all my AEA brothers and sisters,

I’m supporting the candidacy of Jennifer Swiderski for Eastern Regional Chorus Councilor.

I’ve been an Equity Member for twenty-four years, working and living in the Western, Central, and Eastern Regions in pretty much equal amounts. Over the last few years, since moving to New York, I’ve increased my personal commitment to Equity. I’ve spent a lot of time in the room observing the work of our councilors in both national and Eastern Regional sessions. I’ve also had to privilege to work alongside our electeds and other member volunteers on five committees and the Equity 2020 initiative.

Several old friends happen to serve on council and I’ve started many new friendships within the council room.

And, here’s the deal:

All the people in that room? They’re all good people fighting the good fight.

But, elections are about making choices and you have the opportunity to choose who you believe will be the very best at fighting that good fight.

Personally, I’m voting for a mix of old hands and newer blood. Institutional memory is important, and so are fresh eyes and forward thinking. I’m also voting for people who share my values but whose minds work differently or—often—better than mine.

My friend and colleague Jennifer Swiderski is running to continue to serve as an Eastern Regional Chorus Councilor. It’s critical to me that we keep her on council.

Jennifer is a great example of how new blood and new brains can move our union forward. What she and Ben Liebert have accomplished as co-chairs of the Membership Education Committee is inspiring. An informed union member is an empowered union member. No one is fighting harder for your empowerment that Jen. I promise you.

I encourage you to check out Jennifer’s record, her background, and her commitment to the entirety of our union through her website,

Top priority? That you vote. My priority? That you vote for Jennifer Swiderski.

Thank you,

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Christopher Gurr
April 13, 2018