Pro Tip : For Callback Only

Yeah, no.


I have always advised actors to ignore those words. And I was just reminded why.

The words “FOR CALLBACK ONLY” in the file name of a pdf or plastered across the top of a side itself are—to put it bluntly—some bullsh*t.

The director may decide she wants to see more of you then and there and she will say those magic words, “Do you have the other one?” 

And you will want to be prepared for that.

“But Telsey sent me a quarter ream of sides! I need to time manage!”

Yes. Yes, you do. 

But “FOR CALLBACK ONLY”…? Believe that at your own peril.

Plus, I promise you that if you work on all the sides, you’ll know more about the character and the story you’re telling with whatever sides they ask for in the room.

Build the person, build the world, know the situation.

Look at more material not as a greater burden.

Look at more material as more information…

…more fuel…

…more opportunity. 


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Christopher Gurr is an American theatre artist and educator known for playing a wide range of roles on Broadway and across the U.S. as well as the more readily accessible reaches of Canada.

Native Southerner, Midwest educated, with chapters in Northern California and southern Appalachia he currently makes his home in New York City.

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