Your one job when you go in to audition?
Tell a great story.

With more than thirty years experience on both sides of the casting table I can help you focus your attention and your tools on that one job.

Forget about impressing them.

Forget about guessing what they want.

Forget about booking... until you book.
(Then you can think about how great that is.) 

But, for now?

We're going to get you to tell a really great story. 

And you're going to tell it like no one else can.


My specialities? Sure...

  • acting the song

  • verse and heightened language

  • accents and dialects

  • crafting the physical life of a scene

  • coaching and producing audition videos

  • ...and so much more...

Location, location, location...

I work both in my home in Washington Heights and in client-rented spaces on the Upper West Side and in Midtown. 

Studio spaces I recommend:

I also do remote sessions via FaceTime, Skype, and Google Hangouts. These are particularly good for text analysis, dialect, and on-camera work.

Here’s some of what my clients are saying…

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Interested in working with me?

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