GIFT #6 : Curtis & Cort

Curtis & Cort

Husband & Wife

Photography + Makeup

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Get Into It

Your brand, your brand, your brand.

It’s about singularity.

But that singularity doesn’t happen in a void.

It exists in the context of collaboration.

Meet two of my favorite collaborators.  

I first met met Curtis and Cort in Las Vegas. I was on the first national tour of Memphis, they were on the first national of Addams Family.

Memphis had already played Vegas but I had such a good time that I decided the spend Thanksgiving week, which our tour had off, back in the Nevada desert. Great chance to just play and hang out with friends on their tour.

I next ran into Cort when I joined the Broadway company of Kinky Boots in January of 2015. One of the best jobs I’ve ever had. Met a ton a great folks in that theatre. Cort was playing Nicola. I was playing George.

I also needed new headshots.

Natalie Joy Johnson by Curtis & Cort

Natalie Joy Johnson by Curtis & Cort

Curtis & Cort had already shot a lot of the Kinky Boots family and I loved their pictures.

So, I made the trip to Long Island City, and…

…man, am I glad I did.

keep it simple

detail of my Yakima Camp Blanket by Pendleton

“…it's all about expression. We go to great lengths to make sure your shots are focused on that and nothing else. No distractions—we believe in clean images. It's about creating strong, accessible shots that make people stop and look at you.”

— Curtis & Cort

What others are saying:

“Just wanted to drop a line and say I had an audition this past afternoon and one guy behind the table could not stop complimenting my headshot. He asked who took them and I told him about y’all! He was really impressed with your work. I’m very thankful for that moment—so, thank you for such an excellent product.”

— Colin Anderson, Actor

“I had a commercial agent meeting today. She loved your shots. Left her a flyer. Oh… and she wants to work with me.”

— Stephen Tewksbury, Actor

“First I want to tell you what an amazing day [my daughter] had with you both. You are kind, loving, warm and beyond generous with your time. What a wonderful experience. Thank you. Secondly, the pictures are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just Wow! You really captured the many facets of [my daughter].” 

— Melanie Agastein, Client’s Mother

“I hate you guys, there are so many good ones this is making my job hard.”

— John Mara, Jr., Owner/Manager, Mara Entertainment LLC


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I love this work and would love to share it with you.

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Native Southerner, Midwest educated, with chapters in Northern California and southern Appalachia he currently makes his home in New York City.

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