GIFT #4 : Books by Michael Kostroff

The best book I’ve ever read on auditioning.

Full stop.


How are you going to do it unless you know what it is and what it isn’t?

Kostroff fills you in. 



Audition Psyche 101 

by Michael Kostroff

Dog Ear Press

Actors! Give this to your actor friends!

Buy yourself a copy. 

Read it. Believe it.

Parents of actors! Friends of actors!

Buy your child/friend this book!

Buy yourself a copy. 

Read it. Believe it.

And never, EVER ask your child/friend again “whatever happened with that audition you had for…?”

(Actors, you also might want to rethink telling your family and friends about any audition.)

Wrap it, unwrap it, read it, live by it.

BOOK #2 :

I can also highly recommend his memoir of touring:

Letters From Backstage

by Michael Kostroff

Allworth Press


True story :

When I booked my first big commercial theatre contract, the first national tour of Monty Python’s Spamalot, I bought a couple of books (of course) to prep for the job and the adventure of heading out on the road. One of the books that the UPS man brought to our little home in the Kentucky mountains was Kostroff’s 2005 telling of his time on tour with The Producers and then with Les Miz

I inhaled the book. Took it with me to New York City for rehearsals, reread it again in my hotel room in Boston as we teched the show there at the Colonial Theatre. I finally thought to write an email to Mr. Kostroff (he’d included his address in the afterward) to thank him for the great gift and tool he given me.

He promptly wrote back to say how glad he was I had enjoyed the book.

And that I’d taken his job.

See, I had booked the part of Bedevere. The part built on and built by Steve Rosen. Back in those days, had you said,

“we’re looking to get a Steve Rosen for the road”

and had me on one hand (not a commercial credit to my name) and Kostroff on the other (a very well known commodity), you’d have cast Kostroff. 

Except, they didn’t. 

And my life changed.

And Kostroff was very sweet about it. 

All that to say, it’s a great book.



You can be in the room with the guy!

While I’ve never taken Kostroff’s workshop, he comes highly recommended by many of my friends and colleagues. 

The super-critical ones. 

Check him out here.

But, first…


The only thing better that sharing these gift ideas is seeing my friends and clients working. On stage, in rehearsal, in auditions, in the studio.

I love this work and would love to share it with you.

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