Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Curriculum Design : 2005 Season

In Residence Program:

A program for middle and high school students who attend productions at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, these 2-hour workshops provide a context for and further consideration of the mainstage Shakespeare play and the season as a thematic whole.

  • co-authored (with staff artist/educator Kirsten Giroux) Richard III: A Country, A Family, and a Man Divided, a workshop for students to explore and understand the historical context in which Richard III takes place, with particular focus on conflicts within England, the Royal House of York, and Richard Plantagenet as represented in the text.
  • co-authored The Hero’s Journey, a workshop in which students explore and gain an understanding of the dramatic structure known as The Hero’s Journey in order to use that structure as a lens with which to view the plays in the 2005 OSF season (Richard III, Love’s Labors Lost, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Room Service, The Belle’s Stratagem, The Philanderer, Doctor Faustus, Twelfth Night).

School Visit Program:

Through this program elementary, middle, and high school students see and hear works of Shakespeare and other great writers presented in ways that relate to their experiences and engage their imaginations. This is one of the largest and most well regarded theatre outreach programs in the country.

  • co-authored (with staff artist/educator Kirsten Giroux) a 45-minute version of Richard III for two actors.
  • co-authored Inside the Mind of Richard III, a workshop in which students experience—in physical as well as audial terms—the character and language of Shakespeare’s Richard III, specifically the movement of Richard’s mind in the opening soliloquy.