NYC Reading

Scripts Up Productions & DiStar Productions



About The Work:

Monday, October 25, 2010 at 6:00PM

Shetler Studios - Penthouse Studio 1

244 W 54th Street (btw Broadway and 8th)

A film noir musical (reading)


My Role:

I play Jilly — British, gay, outgoing and friendly, seems harmless, BUT he is a cover invented by Nelson, who is American, straight arrow, FBI agent, mid-western. Oh, and for two pages early in act one I play Monk Genna, a mob enforcer from Red Hook. That's right. A mob enforcer. From Red Hook. You know, where the key lime pies come from...


Our Team:  

John C. Introcaso, author (book, music, lyrics)

Robert Brink, director

Jim Bassi, music director

Ray Kennedy, music supervisor

Ann Crumb, Rose

Tom Zemon, Jake "The Dancer" Kinberg

Brooke Moriber, Jazz

Lauren Cohn, Myrtle

Wally Dunn, Curley

Frank Anderson, Rafferty

Steve Luker, Kittering

Mark Aldrich, Bouchard

Gerrit Vandermeer, Klaus

Keewa Nurallah, Kitty

Jake Mendes, Abbu

Ali Ahnn, Japanese Woman

Dee Peletier, Narrator

C.J. LaRoche, stage manager


ActingTony Howell2010