I Was A Teenage B-Movie King

R.F. Dutton/Sydney Moreland/et al

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The Ethereal Mutt - Limited & AJ Epstein



About the Work:

Hollywood, 1959. An era of great change. The feds have broken the big studio monopolies, and an entirely new way of making movies begins to emerge. This is the birth of a New Hollywood - the dawn of the independent producer/director. Roger Corman leads the pack of this new generation. He makes genre movies - horror films, sci-fi flicks and teenage rebel pictures and he makes them quicker and cheaper than anyone in the business. When Roger falls in love with the actress Jackie Fulquard, a series of accidents, surprises and chance encounters drops him into a life or death situation straight out of his films. He is forced to make a Faustian choice about how far he will go to be a success in Hollywood.

Presented by The Etheral Mutt, Ltd. and AJ Epstein.


My Role:

Like all the other "withs" in this company, I cover the waterfront: Corman's father; movie exhibitor and flea market tycoon, R.F.Dutton; Hollywood mogul and not-so-devoted husband and father, Sydney Moreland; beatnik tough and Vivian Leigh aficionado, Stork; racist cult leader and B-movie actor, Rev. Hammond; etc.


Our Team:

Wayne Rawley, book

Dan Lipton & David Rossmer, music & lyrics

AJ Epstein, story

Carolyn Cantor, director

Fred Lassen, musical director

Ryan Lympus/Davenport Theatrical Enterprises, general manager

Rachel Maier, stage manager

Andrea Wales, assistant stage manager  



Alexander Gemignani

Will Swenson

Nicole Parker

Spencer Moses



J. Elaine Marcos

Dan Marzollo

Gayle Rankin

Sam Tedaldi

Ken Triwush

ActingTony Howell2011