Marie, Dancing Still

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The 5th Avenue Theatre

Seattle, Washington

March 22 – April 14, 2019

Christopher Gurr (far left) as Corbeil and the company of Marie Dancing Still at The 5th Avenue Theatre-Credit Paul Kolnik


“Since its 1881 unveiling, Edgar Degas' sublime sculpture 'Little Dancer of Fourteen Years' has been a source of inspiration, intrigue, and speculation. In addition to his exquisite renderings of the dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet, the work has long pressed viewers to wonder just who those subjects were, and what kind of lives that they led.

Now, the team behind Ragtime, Once on This Island and more set out to answer some of those questions in this rich new musical that blends fact and fiction to bring us the tale of one young ballerina, and her connection to the famed artist.

The Little Dancer of Fourteen Years

Confounding critics on its debut, the sculpture of Marie van Goethem, one of the 'little rats' of the Paris Opera Ballet, (a name given to the youngest member of the company) offered an insight into the relationship between sitter and artist, one that Lynn Ahrens' Book describes as complicated. Courted by older, wealthy patrons of the ballet, the Little Rats and other dancers were torn between poverty and the privileges afforded by these men. We meet Marie as she stands on the cusp of adulthood, unaware she is about to become the most famous (and infamous) dancer in the world.”

— 5th Avenue Theatre! 

Tiler Peck

Tiler Peck




Book and Lyrics :
Lynn Ahrens

Music :
Stephen Flaherty

Director/Choreographer : 
Susan Stroman

Music Director : 
Shawn Gough

Scenic Designer : 
Beowulf Boritt

Costume Designer : 
William Ivey Long

Lighting Designer : 
Ken Billington

Sound Designer : 
Kai Harada

Projection Designer : 
59 Productions

Hair & Wig Designer : 
Paul Huntley

Music Supervisor : 
David Loud

Co-Orchestrators : 
Doug Besterman & Larry Hockman

Dance Arranger: 
Sam Davis

Production Stage Manager : 
Johnny Milani

Stage Manager : 
Libby Unsworth

Assistant Stage Manager : 
Sarah Helgesen 

Casting :
Tara Rubin, CSA, Tara Rubin Casting
Kaitlin Shaw, CSA, Tara Rubin Casting

Terrence Mann as Degas and Tiler Peck as Marie

Terrence Mann as Degas and Tiler Peck as Marie


Tiler Peck (Marie Van Goethem), Terrence Mann (Degas), Louise Pitre (Adult Marie), Karen Ziemba (Martine Van Goethem), Dee Hoty (Mary Cassat), Kyle Harris (Christian), Jenny Powers (Antoinette Van Goethem), Christopher Gurr (Corbeil), Noelle Hogan (Charlotte Van Goethem)


Caitlin Abraham, Polly Baird, Lauren Blackman, Anaïs Blake, Jim Borstelmann, Abbey Del Corral, David Elder, Sara Esty, Justin Genna, Tyler Hardwick, Barbara Marineau, Jolina Javier, Jasmine Ward, and Lyrica Woodruff, with Jessica Bishop, Richard Gatta, Amy Ruggiero, and David Prottas

The 5th Avenue Theatre, Seattle, Washingon, opened in 1926, refurbished in 1980.

The 5th Avenue Theatre, Seattle, Washingon, opened in 1926, refurbished in 1980.

Photo Credit :  Justin Patterson

Photo Credit : Justin Patterson

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