The History of War

The Project :

The New York Musical Theatre Festival 2010

The History of War

at American Theatre of Actors

 The Pitch :

The History Of War is spun from the imagination of a 12 year old boy - a megalomaniac in training. As he struggles with homework assignments and peculiar visions, he conjures up seven of the most famous tyrants of all time. They did horrible things. He wants to do horrible things. His parents are worried. ...and everybody sings! ... well, almost everybody. Reality and pathology neatly converge in this terrifyingly subversive new musical.

The Team :

Deborah Abramson, composer
Amanda Yesnowitz, lyricist
Chip Zien, book writer 

Nick Corley, director
Darren Lee, choreographer
Brian Usifer, music director 

Michael D'Addario, Manfred
Sophie HaydenPhyllis
Paul Kandel, Caesar
Jason Kravits, Napolean
William MichalsOsama bin Laden
Andrew PandaleonAlpha
Eric Poindexter, Idi Amin
Herman Sebek, Genghis Khan
Robbie Tann, Beta
Max von EssenAlexander the Great
Jim Walton, Benson

Gail Baldoni, costume designer
Jeff Croiterlighting designer
James Maloof, set/props designer 
Brandon Wolcott, sound designer

Diane Glazer / DiStar Productions, line producer/general manager
Melissa Heller / DiStar Productions, associate producer
Justin Huebener / DiStar Productions, associate producer
Benjamin Otto / DiStar Productions, assistant producer

Donald Butchko, stage manager
James Weinman, production manager

Ilana Becker, assistant director
Chase Cooper, assistant music director 

Katie Rosin, publicist
Brenden Rogers, marketing associate

Where I Fit In :

I played Adolph Hitler. Yes, that Adolph Hitler.

 More Information :