Iron Chef, A New Musical

Gorgeous Entertainment & Fujisankei Communications International

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About the Work:

Ever wondered where the mythical Kitchen Stadium really is? How it came to be? Why there's a Chairman and why he bites into that yellow pepper? Then this is the musical for you...

Presented by Gorgeous Entertainment & Fujisankei Communications International at  Peter Jay Sharp Theater New York, NY.


My Role:

French Chef


Our Team:

Mark Hollmann, music & lyrics

Michael Wolk, book

Daniel Goldstein, director

Larry Pressgrove, music supervisor



Adam Kantor, Krysta Rodriguez, Andrew Durand, Adam Heller, Cady Huffman, Mark Dacascos, Charl Brown, Kate Chapman, Christopher Gurr, Daniel Marcus, Halle Morse, Raphael Fetta

Larry Pressgrove, keyboard

Randy Cohen, keyboards/asst. music director

Rex Benincasa, drums/percussion

Chris Biesterfeldt, guitar

Dan DeLange, orchestrator

Howard Joines, music coordinator

Carl Casella and Sound Associates, Inc.

Tara Rubin Casting

Bess Marie Glorioso, stage manager

Lisa Schwartz, production assistant

Alan Wasser Associates / Mark Shacket, general management

ActingTony Howell2010